Falcon F1



The Falcon F1 Drone is our first and flagship product. The F1 has been through rigorous design iterations and modifications to obtain utmost stability and ease of use.


windtunnel2014-web-650x325The F1 is originally designed and modeled in 3D CAD for tested in virtual wind tunnel simulators. We begin with a 3D printed composite mold and construct our aircraft using foam injection molding to obtain perfect replicas of our original design.

The design gives the F1 its flight stability, which combined with the on-board flight dynamics can provide a smooth flight even in windy conditions. The F1 is designed with hard styrofoam shell and a large cavity for electronics and flight components. The F1 is optimized to provide toughest shell with least amount of weight making it perfect for flying and payload delivery. Furthermore, by adding such gliding capabilities we have not compromised on full combat flight characteristics of the F1.

  • Wingspan: 1600mm
  • Length: 737mm
  • Weight: 1800g


With a large center cavity for payload delivery and electronics the F1 is sported with an arsenal of communication, FPV, OSD, Flight stabilizer and ESC modules.

  • 4 9g Servos
  • 40A ESC with BEC
  • 8CH 2.4GHz radio with delta flight mode and Pan/Tilt control
  • 6DOF flight stabilizer

Communication and Camera

  • Camera gimbal with servo (including motion gyro stabilizer)
  • 3D dual video 480p x2 @ 5.8GHz Tx
  • Oculus Rift display system with 5.8GHz Rx
  • Oculus Pan/Tilt integration using 2CH of 900MHz Tx
  • On Screen display:
    • Flight control
    • Tilt and pitch display
    • GPS
    • Battery monitor
    • Range power meter
  • 8CH Turnigy radio 2.4GHz


  • 10in Folding Propeller
  • 800kv 35mm Outrunner motor
  • LiPoly 14.8 (4S) 4300mAh 25C
  • 40A ESC